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Yes this is a blog, but I also sell shoes. And typically I can get you them cheaper than what you can find at your local running store. See, I am not in the business to make lots of money off of all of this, I am in the market to sell good shoes to good people and to fuel my own running addiction. I can guarantee that any profits made will go right back into shoes, races, or supporting other runners that are running for a cause.

However, I am selling Altra Zero Drop & SCOTT Running shoes. Both of these companies you may not have heard much about but I can assure you they have some really great stuff to put on your feet. I first fell in love with Altras because I was on a path to running minimal and theses were the shoes I wanted to take me there. They've done just that helping me post a PR in the Half-Marathon and by making my calves look sexy.

SCOTT kind of came about later. I found that I was serving a pretty good niche market with Altras and I realized that it seemed no one in North America sells SCOTT running shoes. So I thought I would be the first to jump on this train. I have been running in their shoes along with the Altras and both are fantastic in their own regard.

So, if you are interested in purchasing these shoes, email me here call me at 314-246-9225, or just fill up your cart below.  


  1. Are Altra Insticts good for me? I run for excersise and I am very intrigued by the minimalist shoes and want to try them but I am worried that they won't be right for me. Do you have a return policy and or any advice?


    1. Hey Ryan, thanks for finding me. I have a good return policy and lots of advice. I will answer any questions you have.

      Shoot me an email at takeitontherunstl at gmail. I'll talk more with you over that.