Gear I like

Ahh the good stuff. Here's the stuff I like and use frequently. This list will be changing frequently or as often as my wife lets me buy shoes and other fun stuff.

New Balance MT101

I am using this shoe as my go-to shoe for everything. Yeah its a trail shoe, but I don't care. It feels great and I run like the dickens in them.

Altra Instinct
This is my first go at Zero Drop and these are the shoes I am doing it with. The shoes are very well constructed and light on the road. I sell them too. Works out well...

Garmin 305

This is my arm's preferred method of communicating with outerspace. While some days it takes forever to lock on to a satellite, we have been through a lot.

I forgot to wear this once and my nipples have never let me live it down. This stuff is like the tears from the Pheonix and can probably prevent hangovers also.